About OCP

Recreating the magic of the iconic Connaught Place of Delhi, Omaxe brings the most sought-after business, commercial and entertainment centre in North India. One of the largest shopping-cum-entertainment malls, it features ultra modern office space, world class shopping mall, 5 screen multiplex, 5-star hotel, food courts, family entertainment zone and more.

Spread across a total built-up area of approx 14.8 lakh sq. ft. Omaxe Connaught Place, because of its locational advantage, has witnessed many top brands sign up to operate offices and shops

About Omaxe

With 124.3 million sq. ft. of delivered space in real estate and construction contracting, Omaxe is today one of India's leading and trusted real estate companies. The brand 'Omaxe' was founded in 1987 by visionary first-generation entrepreneur & civil engineer Mr. Rohtas Goel to undertake construction and contracting business. Subsequently, the company diversified, into real estate sector in 2001 and got listed on both stock exchanges (BSE and NSE) in 2007.

In the last 33 years, staying true to its motto of 'Turning Dreams into Reality' and guided by its founding values of delivering quality and excellent real estate spaces, ensuring customer satisfaction and redefining lifestyle, Omaxe has delivered some landmark projects and engineering marvels, created a niche in both luxury and affordable segments and more importantly has brought smiles in the lives of millions of people.

Today, the company is present in 27 cities across 8 states namely Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and possesses a diversified product portfolio that includes Hi-Tech Townships, Integrated Townships, Group Housing, Shopping Malls, Office Spaces, SCOs and Hotel. It is currently undertaking 21 real estate projects – 5 Group Housing, 9 Townships, 7 Commercial Malls/office spaces/Hotels/ SCOs.

The company has also successfully blended business excellence with social commitment. The company through Omaxe Foundation takes up many CSR projects in the field of health, education, community development etc.


It's Delhi's favourite go-to place! Join us in entertaining the most enthusiastic crowd!


World's Best Brands Have Already Booked Their Spots! Have you?

Office Spaces

Minimum Investment, Maximum returns. It's India's biggest business opportunity!

Restaurant and Food Court

Got the best cuisines in your menu? Time to take it to the world!


Proudly located in Greater Noida's prominent Beta II, Connaught Place is surrounded with superior commercial, residential and hospitality sectors.

It's excellently connected throughout the city and falls close to major locations. Here's a snapshot of the landmarks near Omaxe Connaught Place:

Nearby Places

  • Knowledge Park I Area - 1.6 Km
  • Gamma-2 - 0.7 Km
  • Knowledge Park 1,2,3 - 2.7 Km
  • Reserve Forest and Wetland - 2 Km
  • LG Electronics - 1.9 km
  • Delta 3, O Block - 1.5 Km
  • Sector Zeta I - 2.4 Km
  • Alpha 2 - 0.9 Km

Location Advantages

  • Pari Chowk - Greater Noida
  • Greater Noida - Expo Mart
  • Yamuna Expressway connecting Greater Noida to Agra
  • Taj International Airport - Under Construction
  • FNG Expressway
  • Night Safari
  • Cricket Stadium Coming Up
  • Proposed nearest Metro station Alpha - 1/2
  • Educational Institutions
  • Buddh International Circuit
Location Map
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Greater Noida's entry into the halloed world of 5 star luxuries. The hotel will be managed by highly professional personnel. It will cater to the high flying corporates and the surrounding affluent populace.


Designed to offer the finest in retail experience, spearheaded by Reliance Industries large format Hypermarket & scores of leading global brands in Lifestyle Stores, Food & Beverage outlets, Banks and Insurance Companies, Fitness Centre cum Gym, among others.


North India's new showcase, displaying the best of Hollywood and Bollywood. The movie going experience will be enhanced by the latest Dolby surround sound system, luxurious seating, wall-to-wall screens, plush carpeting and other facilities of international standards.


North India's new business hub comprises of a stress free office environment. The layout and design are extremely well-thought out to create a vibrant work culture. Enveloped in landscaped greens, the multi-storeyed towers create an ideal ambience for quiet efficiency and productivity.


Greater Noida has already emerged as the preferred destination of thousands of discerning families who wish to partake of all the advantages of a metropolitan framework. And yet are far, far away from the maddening crowds and choking pollution normally associated with a major metropolis.


Proposed international airport
International quality infrastructure
Privatised power and reliable water supply
More than 26% of the total land area marked for green and open spaces
A 222 acre, international PGA standard, 18-hole golf course
An integrated, fully landscaped township


Oh!Max Gallery

Located in greater Noida, the most sought after business, commercial and entertainment center in Noida India, OCP is coming up with a mega entertainment offering "Oh!max". Designed and executed by globally renowned artist and architect. Oh!max will give the best of entertainment to its visitors. It will become the desired entertainment destination for both foreign and domestic tourist. It will entertain, edutain and create excitement for all age groups.

The secrets chambers of TAJ: Experts behind the excellence

The secrets chambers of TAJ will unfold the story, magnificence and eternity amidst the splendor of Mughal ambience and breath-taking audio visual effects using world class technology and techniques. Witness the making of TAJ, its untold stories, the eternal love of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz trough the secrets chambers of TAJ, one of the few star attractions of oh!Max in omaxe Connaught place, Greater Noida.

Jungle of AMAZON: Feel the dense & Wild Amazon

The Amazon rainforest has always been a favorite subject of explorers, so get a closer experience of nature's true beauty and become a globe trotter and amidst this beautifully crafted jungle world. Keeping in view, all these important details a beautiful jungle of amazon has been established. The flora and fauna is in compliance with Amazon surroundings. Here, one can see wide variety of mystique, enchanting wild species that would make this jungle ride, a synonym of knowledge and amazement.

Treasures of TUT: revealing a MYSTRY of ancient Egypt... The immortal story of a PHARAOH comes alive

The treasure of TUT, an ancient Egypt that was untold and remains to the world, will now unfold at oh1max in OCP, Greater Noida. This premium attractions revels the mysterious tale of a boy king and the vast treasure. Immeasurable wealth, gold, precious stones, ornaments were also kept for him to use in his after-life. People mourned and paid their homage to the king before the entrance of the tomb was sealed forever with the final words written on the wall of tomb. The spirit of these attractions is to give information, educate and at the same time make the experience unforgettable.

Land of DINOSAURS: A new Jurassic age in near

65 million ago, the world was dominated by supreme and ferocious dinosaurs. That era was always a subject of fascination of humankind as it is evident in new age movies & novels. Now live across those magical time frames by witnessing a Jurassic park of animatronics dinosaurs and pre historic ambience. State of the art and well researched implementation enables visitors to get an interaction with these beats as they are responsive and giant. The land of dinosaurs is getting ready to bedazzle human senses.

Mirror Maze

Get ready to lose yourself is an incredible mirror maze at oh! max. It will actually like a bhool bhulalya of mirrors in which you have to find the way. There are infinite ways but you have to find the way from which you can reach from destination. It is very exciting and the thrill leaves you perplexed yet entertained.

Kids Movie Making: Be the hero of your own film

Filmdom is like a magnet to all and how can OCP not have an interactive attraction connected to film industry. Have you imagined acting in a Bollywood blockbuster? Well here is your chance. OCP creates a complete inactive show on film making. Where you can act in it, create sound and mix it and finally see yourself in the premier show to become celebrity! This is unique creation of guardian which salutes the great film industry of India.


Enjoy a fun travelling with the vibrant, colorful and funny toy train at oh!max.the train will take you through the theme park. The speed will be slow so that u can get up and get down wherever you want. It will be accompanied by a joyful parade comprising of Disney cartoon characters, magician clown and cheer girls.


Experience the thrill and drill of eating self-made chocolates at chocolate factory. The treat that life quietly in it silver wrappers carries a story of exotic places, long journeys and small families of monks and farmers that raise delicate tropical fruit trees. As you peel back the wrap[per, you are uncovering the cocoa trees seeds and joining people the world over who have turned to this mysterious food of ritual, medicine and sheer pleasure for the past 4000 years.

How the cocoa been in chocolate farmers hands become decadent chocolates in yourself? Let's explore how chocolate is made. The story of chocolate in chocolate factory. Experience the process in the factory and see how the cocoa is grounded, pressed, heated and stirred to create delicious chocolate.

So get ready for a chocollecious journey at chocolate factory.

The unsinkable TITANIC

At Oh!max another amazing entertainment comes alive with the legendary ship called the unsinkable Titanic. You will get a chance to witness the history. Its making and its irony in it recreation at Oh!max. It was considered unsinkable by its passengers and its crew, as well as it builders. However, it took the lives of hundreds of people when it sank on its maiden voyage on April 14th. 1912. The aftermath of the romanticized sinking caused new regulation about ship safety , and films such as James Cameron's famous 1997 film "titanic".

Mischelevous Naughty, Protector meet the favorite of all chota bheem

Have a rendezvous with mischlevous and courageous Chota Bheem who is adventurous and fun loving 9 years old and is gifted with extraordinary strength. This child has a big heart and he always uses his strength to help those who are week or needy and nabs culprits, robbers and is seen as a guardian of the innocent and poor people and also the animals.

Bheem loves food and has a certain cravings for laddoos, which in fact give him a surge of energy and makes him even stronger than he normally. So get ready to meet the protector of world.


At Oh!max joy ride begins with high and speedy revolving carousel. Some call it jumper, roundabout and others horse about and flying horse. Get ready for merry go round. The seats are traditionally in the form of rows of wooden horses or other animals mounted on posts, many of which are moved up and down by gear work to simulate galloping, to the accompaniment of looped circus music so enjoy to the hilts of excitement of carousel.

Meet the Giant Size AUTOBOLT in its robotic action

Superheroes are enthralling to all form kids to grow ups. Appreciating this appeal, Oh! Max is bringing the most popular among them in its giant size right in the lobbies of the mall. Autobolt is the chosen one. It will be fully robotic making there all popular gestures and randomly surprise the visitor.


Experience the icy, bone chilling and frozen snow world just like Antarctica. Very few lucky one can visit this vast barren ice land even if u can afford it. Oh!max brings you a test of Antarctica right at the OCP complete with the penguins and the seals. Take photos with these rarest of the rare animals and let your friends envy you when they see the pictures on facebook next moment.

STUNT SHOW: Experience the adrenaline rush with daring moments

Experience mind blowing, hot and happening stunt show by professional rides at Oh!max popping wheelers and burning the tarmac like never before. Learn, riding and tricks from the experience and professional stunt rides. See them perform on the powerful KTM DUKES and experience the action live with family and friends.


Cricket is loved by all of us. Play enjoy with family and friends in Oh!max stadium and have all fun. Compete and show all your skills in the full stadium setup.


Oh! Max brings to you the ultimate gaming experience with the newest and most exciting motion gaming. So, the entire family can explore your sporty side. It offers gaming experience like no other and provides platform for the serious and casual gamer to socialize. Sports champion 2, fight night, heavy rain, Kinect sports, Kinect adventures, sports champions are some of the games in the offering.


Get ready to amaze yourself with numerous colorful illuminated fountains dancing together at OH!max taking beautiful shapes and making poses and postures. The dancing fountain can spray 22000 gallons (83000 lts) of water in the air at any moment. More than 6600 lights and 25 color projectors have been installed.


A healthy blend of architectural mapping, projection media and 3d animation transforms virtually and physical surface into a digital canvas for jaw dropping designs. Possibilities are endless here. At Oh!max we have turned a hotel into a giant arcade claw game, made a building disappear, created a mirage at music festivals, media mannequins come to life and much more. We are not magician but it's kind of like magic.

Oh-Max Rope Adventures

Oh-max Rope Adventures (ORA) activities is a state-of-the-art flying fox/zip-line, Sky Skate Board and challenge ropes activities. With its Fourteen High Ropes Adventure activities, ORA will be the most thorough and engaging flying fox/Zip Line & Sky Skate Board are attraction at ORA. The robust visitors & visitors/visitors/tourists thoroughfare, and close proximity from NCR and prominent township at G. NOIDA, guarantees advertising advantages, convenience, and ultimate accessibility to visitors. Coupled with the reality that Flying Fox & Challenge Rope Activities are the fastest growing adventure tourism attraction in the India.